The Master Program in Physiological and Anatomical Medicine is composed of the faculties of the tcu_phyanat (19)Department of Physiology and the Department of Anatomy. The laboratories in this program include the cardiac and cellular physiology laboratory, neuronal morphology laboratory, animal behavior laboratory, cell culture room, respiratory physiology laboratory, neurophysiology laboratory, intermittent hypoxia laboratory, histology laboratory, neuroscience laboratory, neurodegeneration and neuroregeneration laboratory, reproductive biology and ultrastructure laboratory, and neuroendocrine laboratory.


The devices in this program include fluorescence microscope and image analysis system, cryostatcu_phyanat (10)t, continuous and remote animal physiological recording system, electrophysiological recording system of single nerve fiber, acquisition system of physiological signals, electrophysiological recording system of isolated cell, high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) for neurochemicals, pneumotachograph, Tissue embedding & cooling system, automatic staining system, anatomical microscope, Orusna 3O Degre/20 microscopic photography, confocal microscope, fluororescence dynamic detecting system, free radical analysis system, langdorff heart perfusion system, cell culture room, cytoflowmetry, gel photographic system, Luminescence/Fluorescence Imaging System, UV spectrophotometer etc.

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